My story .. The launch of EllePod ..

My story .. The launch of EllePod ..

I’ve always been that ambitious and determined girl. I grew up competing with boys in the classroom, working so hard to get higher grades in Math and physics. 

All my life I was challenged by the fact that I am a woman and girls are not good at math or science, so I taught myself how to be strong and not listen to what people think you can or you can’t do. 

During the Arab Spring in Tunisia, I was graduating from high school and that period affected the school system and the ranking of students and, unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to get to the medical school.

Was it the end of the world? – Yes, it was, because I was not prepared to deal with failure, I didn’t have the needed support system and access to information to be aware of what opportunities are available for me. 

I was left with the only option which is pursuing a Computer Science degree. I know what you are thinking, that it’s a great option but for me that time, it wasn’t, I knew nothing about Technology, and I never used or had a computer in my life. That was the time I got my first laptop as a gift from my brother. Yey!

A new chapter in my life just started …

Picture with my family at my graduation ceremony.

In Tunisia, despite the fact that the majority of students in schools are females, most leadership positions were taken by men and that goes to all the sectors. At my university, Microsoft club, Google club, Gaming club, they all were led by men. 

That’s when I figured that women need to step up and take the lead and not wait for it to be given to them.

Women need to step up and take the lead and not wait for it to be given to them.

I started the first IEEE Women In Engineering group at my university in 2015, a group that focuses on empowering female engineers in STEM and connecting them with global networks and opportunities.

IEEE Women in Engineering Affinity Group founded in 2015

Years later more girls joined the organization, and more females started leading groups in their universities with the same mission. The IEEE Women in Engineering affinity groups empowered so many female engineers across the country and globally.

I’ve inspired so many girls to follow their dreams and get into the tech field as I was invited to deliver speeches, workshops and talks in many conferences and events locally (Tunisia) and internationally (USA, India,…). In 2017, I was selected as the winner of The IEEE Women In Engineering Inspiring Member of the Year Award.

IEEE WIE Inspiring Student Member of the Year Award

For her contributions in WIE community in her area, and the ability to inspire her colleagues, men and women, to work toward the betterment of humanity.

As the network was growing and people were connecting across regions, countries and continents, I wanted to bring them all together and give them the opportunity to meet each other in one space and connect them with global leaders and organizations. In 2018, a dream came true, I’ve founded the first largest gathering of women in tech in the region (North Africa); IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Summit Tunisia. The summit was a great opportunity for women in the region to connect, share common interests, find opportunities to broaden their network and grow their businesses. [Read more about the Summit]

@wieilstunisia #LeadBeyondBorders

After the big success of the conference, I got accepted into the prestigious Atlas Corps Fellowship program to serve for 1 year as a Software Engineer at a global organization (Cultural Vistas) in New York, USA. [Read more about Atlas Corps fellowship]

Atlas Corps Fellows

Next … 

EllePod | Talks for women in Tech & Business.

EllePod is a combination of my years of experience in tech and as someone who is passionate about supporting and empowering other women.

It’s a new podcast series featuring the stories of women leaders, engineers, designers, founders, VCs, and all sorts of different females in tech and business who are succeeding in their careers.

Also, EllePod provides a unique platform for women to connect with their peers and access to resources provided by EllePod Community and its partners.