Episode 3: The Power of Perspective with Chitra Madhwacharyula

Episode 3: The Power of Perspective with Chitra Madhwacharyula

In this Episode of EllePod hosted by Abir Chermiti, We invited Chitra Madhwacharyula, a Customer Success and Consulting Leader and is currently the Director of Customer Success at Couchbase. 

Chitra shares her success story on how having a diverse perspective has served her both professionally and personally and how it helped set her clients up for success while also feeding her own success in the services industry. 

About Chitra: 

Chitra Madhwacharyula is a Customer Success and Consulting Executive, Trusted Advisor. Speaker and Mentor with 20 years of global professional experience spanning a wide range of business domains and countries. She considers her global perspective combined with her strong technical and business experience to be her core strengths. Chitra is passionate about empowering people with the right knowledge and tools for solving their business problems and setting them up for success. She believes that trust and integrity are key to succeed in any field. She enjoys motivating teams to achieve and exceed targeted goals by adopting optimal strategy and efficient teamwork and collaboration. Chitra hold an M.S in Computer Science from National University of Singapore and M.S in Information Management from University of California at Berkeley

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