EllePod | Talks for women in  Tech & Business

A new Podcast series featuring stories of successful women in tech & business and offers an online community to support other women.

A story of 
passion & experience combined together!

It’s a combination of years of experience in tech as a software engineer, as the founder of the first STEM conference for women in North Africa and Tunisia, and as someone who is passionate about supporting and empowering other women.

The podcast will feature the stories of women leaders, engineers, designers, founders, VCs, and all sorts of different females in tech and business who are succeeding in their careers.

Every single episode you will hear the story of one of these women that will inspire you to get up and start doing your thing and I will be sharing tips and resources that they had access to, that helped them to get to where they are now.

EllePod also offers -women who want to start their own businesses-mentoring opportunities and direct access to resources that will help them get started and thrive. 


What EllePod offers you ?

EllePod offers womxn in tech and business the opportunity to change their lives for the better, scale their businesses and access to resources such us fundings, mentorship and network of like minded people.


The podcast presents enlightening talks addressing women in Tech and Business, delivered by specialists and leaders from both sectors.

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For women in the tech & business, we offering them guidance and support to start their own businesses, through access to different resources.

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Online and onsite meetups to share EllePod vision and support more womxn in Tech & Business.  For 1&1 meetups feel free to book a spot in my calendar.

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